Effective and Efficient Decommissioning for Indonesia

Decomm 2017 | About

Indonesia Decommissioning in Oil & Gas Conference is coming back in 2017 with more hot issues and updated regulations from the government and How the price conjonture recently affected of Indonesia Decommissioning and the challenges to be more cost effective and efficient.

ASR (Abandonment and Site Restoration) activity is one of the activities in the Oil & Gas cycle project which is in the final phase of closure activities, and given to PSC (Production Sharing Contract) between the PSC Contractors and the Government of Indonesia. The primary activity of ASR is the implementation of well plugging and abandonment as well as decommissioning facilities including pipelines and restorations.

Why Should Attend:
  • Discover decommissioning offshore platforms, including design, environmental issues, and safety.
  • Increase your understanding of well closures and abandonment.
  • Gain indepth information licensing, regulations, and standardization from SKK Migas, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Netwotk and Collaborate with Cutting Edge Technology Providers and Innovative Solutions especially with more and more demanding decommissioning costs.
  • Get First Hand information on available Projects on offshore and onshore.
Hot Topics among others:
  • Platform & Pipeline Decommissioning
  • Available Site Clearances
  • Update Regulation and Permits
  • Technical Approval from GOI (Government Of Indonesia)
  • Write-Off Approval from GOI (Government Of Indonesia)
  • Readiness Of Banking and Insurance Industries
  • Readiness Of Upstream Oil & Gas Supporting Industries
  • Available Technology for more Effective and Efficient Decomminissioning